A pilot research project in a secondary school, demonstrated the benefits to students and staff in their overall wellbeing albeit in a short space of time due to COVID. Thirteen Reiki treatments were carried out on three students and ten Reiki treatments were carried out on 9 members of staff using the same self assessment scoring method in the three focus areas of well-being; Mental, Physical and Emotional. All reported an improvement in their starting scores, in all three focus areas immediately post treatment by an increase of 2 points and an increase of 1 point, after 7 days of their treatments. Overall, an improvement of 1 point in their pre-treatment, self reporting scores. All Clients commented they felt ‘calm’ and ‘relaxed’ post treatment. Some Staff stated ‘Non-existent PMT this week’, ’Sleeping most of the night’, ‘My pain levels have decreased massively’..